Business Proposal

Increase Your Coins

Invite your friends and known, you build two equipment in a binary placement system (Multi Level Marketing). You will win 20% of the less volume of accumulated currencies with a maximum of 30,000 coins.

  • The currencies will be delivered in the wallets of each promoter, every person must send their identification document.
  • Only one registration is allowed per person, ficture records or persons who do not know that they have been registered, will be cancelled and persons registered under these will not be paid to the person who binded them.
  • Income to our community will always be free, there will never be a charge for income or incentives for binding people who invest.
  • We do not traid, we do not pay interest or profitability for your money, we do not make daily payments for your investment, we do not multiply your money.
  • Once the currencies are delivered they will be under your control in your wallet, you do not have to pay to collect the currencies you win.

Crypt Currency


Our currency will comply with all the processes that follow the currencies that are on the market.


We will be in blockchain, the currency will be commercialized in the exchange, we will be growing as we increase the transactions operation.


The audit, trust and technological development will be performed by force tower and its business holding, experts in software development and financial process, we have the guarantees and technical support in the project.


Our platforms are in beta phase, some of them can already be see in operation in the portal, we are in 80% of operation.


After the launch, what is the business dynamics? Registration will remain free.


BiJust company has digital platforms for electronic trade, purchase and sale of traditional currency transaction services (Fiat) and crypt currency (Jecoin).


Network profits you build are generated by consumption on digital platforms.


Maximum payments up to 30.000 dollars or 30.000 currencies, there are no ranges or qualifications on the network, only sales and consumption fees are payable.


Each promoter must make a minimum purchase, this will give the product or service of lower value in the platforms. We are a community of consumers, we use the marketing network as a sales system.

Products & Services


In this platform traders are registered, they can sell their products and services, promote their business with specialized digital marketing tools. Traditional currency (Fiat) and crypt currency (Jecoin) are commercialized. Free registration and professional package (service for one year $300).


Free entry, promote commercial activities and receive payments from traders for promoting business in the community. Advertising is paid to network users, not the company.

Products & Services


Free tournaments, j-coin permits and sponsors’ awards to participants, application for apple and android mobile devices. Tokens for sale to win more points in j-coin and dollars, tokens sales fees. Advertising for commercials who are registered in the market place.


Online courses, more than 8,000 titles available, initially in spanish, commercial agreements with universities, for professional, technical, diplomatic and specialized careers, payments with j-coin.


Applications for mobile devices, calls to mobile and telephones, calls between users and recharges to mobile operators with J-Coin.

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