Blockchain Digital Ecosystem

Revolutionary digital community focused on business and marketing strategies. Our platforms are based on Blockchain technology.

Our Platforms

Social Network

Registration is free, focused on business and promoting commercial activities. Users can receive payments from merchants for promoting their business in the community.


Registered merchants can offer their products and services and promote their businesses with specialized digital marketing tools. Traditional coins (Fiat) and cryptomoneda (Jeicoin Gold) are used.


Online courses, more than 2000 titles available, initially in Spanish, commercial agreements with universities, for professional, technical, diplomatic and specialized careers, paid for with Jeicoin Gold.


Free tournaments, Jeicoin Gold tokens and sponsor prizes for participants. Tokens on sale to earn more points in Jeicoin Gold and dollars, tokens sale rates. Advertising for commercials that are registered in the market.

JeiCoin Gold

[JEIG] Decentralized crypto currency exchange, under the Blockchain Ethereum with Token ERC20, used by our community through our digital ecosystem.

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